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The Secret To Making Romance Last Forever

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10 Secrets of Happy Couples

  By Brian Robbens Creator of Respark The Romance   Happy couples really enjoy each other’s company. They’re supportive of one another. They even exhibit a vibrant sense of sexuality and romance. It’s a powerful combination! The good news is you can have a happy relationship— without  finding a new partner. Achieving a happy relationship just takes developing the right habits and skills. It simply takes some “secret” information and a desire to make your relationship the very best. And by “secret,” I actually mean you can read it right here. Happy couples simply have different habits than unhappy couples. It’s these habits that make their relationship so great. It takes around 21 days for new a behavior to become a habit, but you can reap the rewards from the habit right away. And after a few weeks, your new relationship behaviors will become habits and keep your relationship vibrant and happy. Even if you slip up with the habits you choose to implement, just make a new commitment and

10 Tips For A Happy Relationship

   By Brian Robbens Creator of Respark The Romance We all want a happy relationship. We know it takes time and effort, but that knowledge doesn’t always translate into the relationship we want. Do you look around at other couples and wonder how they’re so happy all the time? Of course, what we see in public and on Facebook isn’t the whole picture by a long shot, but it can shake our confidence about our own relationship. The truth is, while a great relationship takes work, part of that work is relaxing and letting go of the little things that could bother you. As you read through the following 10 tips, you’ll see that sometime we create problems, and the solution is to look at your partner with love and acceptance. It’s a choice: do you want perfection or do you want to be happy? And when you let go of some things, you’ll find that you might have the perfect relationship. You just had to see it! Here’s 10 ways you can make your relationship great, including some ways that you can chang

How To Save Your Relationship (6 Essential Steps)

  By Brian Robbens Creator of  Respark The Romance You’ve had good times, hard times, and everything in between. You’ve been through a lot together. And you don’t want to call it quits. Working on a relationship can be rewarding and even bring you closer together. The first step is being willing to honestly look at issues and fix them while cultivating positive habits. It’s easy to fall into ruts of miscommunication, hurt feelings, and bad relationship habits. Those habits can ruin a relationship. John Gottman, author of  The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work  and the director of the “love lab” found indicators that a relationship wouldn’t work out. It’s well worth it to learn what NOT to do, and what to do instead to keep your love alive. 1. Don’t turn away; turn toward your partner Let’s say your partner is sitting next to you and says, “There’s a new movie playing at the theater.” Do you: A. Make a noise and continue staring at your phone. B. Say, “Oh.” C. Say, “Oh, cool, wh

8 Scientific Ways To Be More Attractive To Men

   By Brian Robbens Creator of Respark The Romance   Some things in life are set… …but probably not as many as we think. To illustrate this, have you ever ran into someone you went to school with ten years prior, and been amazed at how they looked now? This last year, some of my high school classmates made a Facebook group, and soon I was reconnecting with people that I hadn’t seen in twenty years. Many looked very similar to the way they did in high school. One woman, however, about knocked me over. She was a “side kick” to a popular girl back in the day, and not really that noticeable. Well, these days she’s a bombshell. But something was very different, even though I instantly recognized her. It really makes you stop and think about attractiveness, which brings me to my first point: Attractiveness relies on much more than your physical appearance. You would think that being sexy, hot, beautiful, or attractive is about how you look physically. It is… and it isn’t. It’s in the way you